Grenada Nurses Association INC want to extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our midwives on this special day.

Thank you for fostering good team spirit, providing quality service and showing due care and attention to the mothers, unborn and newborn babies of this country. Your unwavering dedication and commitment has not gone unnoticed.

Thank you for being the heroes of many stories. You are indispensable . We want to encourage you to continue educating our mothers and families, preserve safety, provide emotional support , promote breastfeeding, practice professionalism and remember self care as you navigate through this intense and transformative process.

Midwives along with Nurses are the driving agents for change to ensure human health and societal integrity is maintained. Midwives and Nurses are essential , as they are placed in the communities in which they serve to provide
immediate care to those most at risk during climate emergencies and to actively engage in mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Let us also continue praying for peace, equality and justice for all, cause we know where peace and justice fail so does health. With God all things are possible , we live by faith and not by chance. Always remember “ behaviour is mirror in which everyone displays his own image”.

Today is your special day, Happy International Midwives Day. We Celebrate you !

“ The roots of happiness grow deepest in the soil of service”
Warmest wishes,
Nekisha St.Bernard